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The LLM based AI-App development Platform 

Build a library of LLMs, create datasets, fine tune to your needs and integrate into AI apps 

RepoAI – A collaborative workspace to build AI Apps

Empower business SMEs, developers and ops resources to collaborate
Fine tune LLMs on your specific datasets
Generate documents powered by LLMs


Features of RepoAI

ExpertSense RepoAI allows you to deploy enhanced search on your document stores in days. In addition, you can experiment with different LLMs, vector stores and parameter settings, Generate documents from templates with content assisted by LLMs, and deploy fine tuned LLMs for your business use cases

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Semantic Search

Advanced semantic search capabilities helps to quickly locate relevant information within uploaded documents. 

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Multiple DB Connections

Seamlessly connect to various databases, including Yugabyte vector store, Weaviate, Cassandra, and Astra, for efficient storage and retrieval of document embeddings. 

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LLM Model Management

Easily add and deploy Language Model (LLM) models to AWS with just one click, enhancing the chatbot's capabilities. 

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Document Repo Creation

Create document repositories by adding documents and train them to embed with LLM for efficient organization and retrieval.

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Topic Generation and Summarization

Generate topics and summaries for each document, facilitating quick understanding and analysis. 

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Document Generation

Generate documents from templates and content inputs, with the ability to preview and download the generated documents. 

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LLM Comparison

Compare the performance of different LLM models by querying them simultaneously and evaluating response accuracy. 

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Fine-Tuning LLM Models

Fine-tune LLM models by uploading training datasets, enhancing their performance and relevance. 

Accelerate Adoption of Generative AI with RepoAI

Talk to us about your use case, and get a tailored demo with focused insight on building your next app with integrated Generative AI

What’s in the Demo?

  • RepoAI and its capabilities applied to your use case

  • Discussion on your use case and best practices

  • Cost management and optimization techniques

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