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Welcome to AceCDW

AceCDW is a purpose-built Commercial Data Warehouse on Cloud for Pharmaceutical Companies. 

About AceCDW

AceCDW allows a Pharma Company to set up Commercial Ops within a matter of months, greatly reducing their time to market and gaining insights into their marketing and field sales operations. Simultaneously, AceCDW provides customization capabilities to easily set up dimensions, fine-tune business rules and metrics, and create custom reports.   
AceCDW is offered on Snowflake - an industry-standard Cloud Data Warehouse that provides high performance, scalability, reliability, and security with a usage-based pricing model.

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AceCDW is also tightly coupled with AceMDM and Ace Data Observability (AceDO)  

Features of AceCDW

AceCDW is backed by our years of experience in building Data Warehouses for Pharma Commercial Operations.

Standardized data models.jpg
Standardized Data Models

​To organize your data effectively ensuring consistency and compatibility across different data sources

​Automated data pipelines.jpg
Automated Data Pipelines

Streamlines ELT process from various Data Sources for faster and more reliable data processing without manual intervention

Pre-configured data transformations.jpg
Ready-to-use data transformations

Preconfigured data transformations for speedy data preparation. These transformations address common data quality issues and reduce the time and effort required.

Standardized data models.jpg
Built-in Aggregations for Reports

Allows quick summarization of large Volumes of data from multiple data sources and builds reporting and analytics layer quickly for faster decision making.

​Automated data pipelines.jpg
Pre-built Data Observabilit ( AceDO)

Allows for automated data monitoring with requisite analysis tools, customizable alerts, and data lineage tracking for ensuring data quality and compliance.

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