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AceMDM is a specialized master data management platform tailored for HealthCare and Pharma Companies. It simplifies data management with customizable workflows and pre-configured functionality.

Why Choose AceMDM for Commercial Pharma Operations?

There are many Master Data Management (MDM) Platforms in the market. What distinguishes AceMDM, is it’s laser-focus on Commercial Pharma Operations. It provides the much needed functionality for Commercial Pharma without the huge complexity and configuration required of typical MDMs. It is critical for Commercial Pharma Operations to have master data when it comes to Providers, Products, Payers and Organizations. AceMDM comes pre-configured to handle Providers and Products with customizable business rules and workflows. 


It’s easy to use UI and role-based access allows general users to find the information they want while providing Data Stewards sufficient control on the data.  

AceMDM has built-in integrations to all major Pharma CRMs and Data Warehouses. It is tightly coupled with AceCDW (Commercial Data Warehouse) as well as Reference data sources. It seamlessly masters incoming transactions data using AI-driven algorithms and feeds the mastered data to the Data Warehouse. AceMDM integrations can be customized by use of its general-purpose APIs as well. 

AceMDM Integrations 

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AceMDM offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline master data management for Commercial Pharma Operations
Pre-built Data Models

Benefit from ready-to-use data models tailored specifically for Providers and Products, reducing setup time and ensuring accuracy.

Flexible Data Model Adjustment

Customize data models to align with your organization's unique requirements, providing the flexibility needed to adapt to changing business needs.

Customizable Rules

Define rules for key fields such as Specialty and Address, empowering you to enforce data quality standards and consistency across the platform.

AI-driven matching Algorithms

Leverage advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately match and merge similar records, ensuring data integrity and completeness.

History and Audit Logs

Gain insight into data changes and activities with comprehensive history and audit logs, enabling traceability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

User-friendly Data Steward UI Interface

Empower data stewards with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing them to efficiently manage and maintain master data while ensuring data governance.

Automated DCR Process Handling

Streamline data change request (DCR) processes with automated handling, reducing manual effort and accelerating data updates and approvals.

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