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Keeping Data problems from proliferating doesn’t need to be this hard. AceDO makes it easier

Inaccurate Dashboards

Fix problems in the pipeline before it hits your dashboards. No User complaints!

Data Pipeline Failures

Proactive Incident management helps you fix breaks and refresh data on time

Complex Rule Authoring

Democratize Rule authoring with UI driven flows that make it easy for business users to author new rules

Root Cause Analysis

Speed up MTTR with our Lineage Views and Source code integration to quickly identify issues due to recent changes

Democratize development of Data Quality rules Integrate quality checks seamlessly into your pipelines

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Why Choose AceDO

Achieve Data Observability—No Code, at Enterprise Scale 

AceDO is built for scalable, complex intertwined data pipes, allowing teams to zoom-in on issues and prevent data outages. 

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Pre-built, Domain Specific Data Quality Checks 

Out of the box Ready-to-use templates for Enterprise data sources using rapid rule authoring interface based on our proprietary data profiling algorithm

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Automated Notifications 

Built-in Incident Management Module to capture and notify all data issues with an option to connect various enterprise communication platforms

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Rapid Incident Resolution  

Validation of multiple metrics with each curation run across all levels with a detailed lineage graph. Can be integrated with Source control (git) for CI/CD deployments. 

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AI-Driven Rules 

Built on a proprietary AI-driven data profiler to capture data and metadata from various sources and highlights anomalies based on past trends 

Flexible Deployment Options 

Can be run on both private and public Clouds as well as on-prem data centers conforming to data security requirements. Available with containerization options for Snowflake and Databricks. 

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AceDO is the proven solution that has saved our customers hundreds of hours of troubleshooting time resulting in clean data in dashboards, reports and ad-hoc analytics data layers


Our team helps you plan the data observability journey, performs customizations, implements integrations to all your tools. We are a one-stop show with no need for external integrators or cumbersome training

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